Prom Project

This is the “Prom Project” not to be confused with the Alan Parsons Project or the Blair Witch project…..

Spring has sprung and old man winter has finally been replaced by a warm sun and a cool breeze, flowers are popping and hormones are raging. It is this time of the year when high school students participate in that wonderful experiment called the “Prom”

If you wish to participate in the prom project, please submit a picture of your prom when you were young and please submit a picture of one or more of your children of their Prom. I look forward to posting many many images of our innocent youth and those of our children.

To start the ball rolling, attached is a picture of one of our close friends and I will challenge everyone to identify the odd looking male on the left side of the picture… 🙂  he always was a bit left of center anyway and who the heck is that guy on the right side?

PS here are some recent notes I have received regarding Martha Lynn & a link to Sin City Band.

From Paula – There was an article in today’s in the Music section about this guy Jeff Bove who is a Wilmington lawyer and was in the band Martha Lidd back in the 70s.  I remember going to see them at the coffee house and also in Rockford Park and elsewhere.  Jeff Bove is now terminally ill and has released a bunch of tapes from his bands (he was in a couple of bands with Sin City folks).  Thought you might want to link up to his site