Men of Mermaid

This website is a tribute to the men, women, and assorted furry friends that lived within the idyllic and magical world of Mermaid Valley.

The image to the left is known to all simply as “the farm”. The building is gone now, however it will live forever in our souls.

Our Story

There are many nonconformists in this story, a few are Mr. Bill Boucher, Mr. Kim Brown, Mr Steve Mendela, Mr. Richard Sterling (Deceased), Mr. Jeff Valentine and Mr. Lou Zettler.

50+ years ago Steve Mendela asked a rich man if he and some friends could live in an very old abandoned farmhouse on Stony Batter road. Which was also known (for a century before) as Mermaid Valley. That farmhouse (the Farm) was traceable on land maps dating back to 1702. The rich man said yes, as long as you keep the property in good condition and so the story begins…

For a period of approximately 7+ years, the Men of Mermaid lived the life of gypsies.  We avoided our parents counsel and traveled the road less taken. The farmhouse was In many ways our passage from childhood to adult independence. 

I took a lot of pictures way back then, as I was in my photographer phase. Fortunately I retained the vast majority of print pictures & slides of people I don’t recognize. Perhaps you will see yourself … Please help me identify everyone.

If you have any old pictures that you would be willing to contribute to this Family photo album, please email or text.


It’s been 12 years since I last worked on this, so I have a lot of catching up to do. Many edits still to do … OK we fixed the Photo issues & now it’s time to reach out to the Mermaids for news & what’s Happening in your lives …

50 Year Reunion

Tex again Uniacke is our very first Mermaid to leave a comment* on our revised, updated and modernized “Men of Mermaid” website. Many thanks to …

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Hey Lou- Chris Bowen Johnson here. I have heard about your reunions and would really love to be at the next one.I actually spent quite …

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Prom Project

This is the “Prom Project” not to be confused with the Alan Parsons Project or the Blair Witch project….. Spring has sprung and old man …

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Re: Mermites – New pictures of 104

yes, he’s the guy in 208 and 220 (that would be george ruch. he needs to be memorialized too…). 202 is maryann zygmonski and isn’t …

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Re: Mermites  – web site update

Dear Lou and Men of Mermaid friends, These new photos are great – interestingly they are a mix of the summer of 1973 at 104 …

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Re: Mermites – web site update

Hey Billy, Thanks; got it, sent it on to Willard Glenn, too.   Funny how small Wilmington really is.  And funny how a lot of the …

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