Re: Mermites  – web site update

Dear Lou and Men of Mermaid friends,

These new photos are great – interestingly they are a mix of the summer of 1973 at 104 Rehobeth Avenue and summer of 1974 at the apartments around the courtyard behind Muffie’s Bag boutique on First Street, between Wilmington and Delware Avenues.

Image 195  is Steve Hague from Carlysle, PA in the tree at Muffie’s Bag

(He is now a Professor of Theology in Baltimore)

Image 196 is Cricket (Joanne Glanden) in the kitchen of one of the apartments at Muffie’s Bag

Image 198 is Cricket in bed with 2 unknown guys (you can get the rest of the story from her!)

Images 200 and 201 is Pete’s Gems and Junk, where a lot of people worked both summers (on the Boardwalk 2 blocks south of Rehobeth Ave.)

Image 207 is Betsy Wariner in pink shirt – don’t remember the other person’s name

Image 210 is George Fisher (deceased) on chair – can’t identify other person on bed

Image 211 is Digger Dave Burke on floor and Luke (Jimmy Lucatamo – deceased) on footstool

Image 212 is Kim Brown and Chris Bowen on deck at back apartment of Muffie’s Bag

Image 213 is Richard Sterling – same deck

Image 216 is Chris Bowen – same deck

Image 218 is Kim and Richard walking between Muffie’s Bag and the fence with the Grape Vine (a dude named Connie from Annapolis, who played the guitar and knew the whole Bob Dylan catalogue of songs, whose father owned a Greek restaurant) used to make stuffed grape leave dolmates that were awesome with these and some rice!)

Image 219 is Steve Hague again at Muffie’s Bag That’s all I can remember other than the great shots of the radical Louis Zettler and Harry Manley, who are already legends in our own minds!

With lots of thanks for the memories!


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