Re: Mermites – web site update

Hey Billy,

Thanks; got it, sent it on to Willard Glenn, too.   Funny how small Wilmington really is.  And funny how a lot of the players haven’t really changed a whole lot since high school.  In one of Lou’s pictures I can see myself standing in the background next to you, near Peggy Burke.  Still picking the safe corners after all these years!!  Whatever happened to John Manley?  And Debbie Mullen?  Has anyone seen Leslie Noyes?  I coincidentally ended up on the phone with her former sister-in-law (she’d separated from Leslie’s brother prior to his death) in a work related call and she was very reticent about putting me in touch with Leslie, despite my appeal.  Leslie was my first friend in DE when we moved here.  Having both lost our siblings, I thought it might be good to reach out to her.  Hoping if someone sees her they’ll send her my love.

xoxo and see you soon!


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