Re: Fwd: Mermites  – web site update

I was not at Frogtown, Paul D’Amico and Joanne were – I didn’t really know those guys.  Paul D’amico came to Summit Farm after Frogtown.  I think he is correct about the names but I don’t know if I ever even went to the Muffies bag apts.  Were they in Rehoboth?  That was before 104, yes?  My parents had a tight rein on me.  Paula and I rented 104 I think in the summer of 1973.  I had just graduated.  And I knew that there had been a summer I never saw before that and I wanted very much to get away from the “rents” and start getting a life.   I barely knew Paula then really.  So that would be the summer of 1972  when she and others rented a place in Reho.  I only went there (where ever that was) for one weekend that summer in 1972.  Maybe that was Muffies bag?  Joanne (Cricket) knows those times better than I, she was the wild woman.  I can ask her.  I do know one person at 104 that hasn’t been ID’d.  The carrot top guy’s name was George – Peggy might know his last name.  He died from Leukemia a couple years after 104.  Wow those pics are amazing!  From the looks of the Muffiies bag photos, everyone looks younger than 104.  What a difference one year makes at that time of life.  They all look about 16 -17.  Makes me miss them and those times. 

Have a good New Year Lou Lou!  Sounds like you’re on to something good…

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