Life is Grand

Looks like a great turnout for the reunion!  Lot’s of people crawled out of the wood work – like Neil Uniacke, Bill Boucher, Jeff Valentine and Marlene too!  Yeah, we’ve all changed over the years, but I could feel the love.  

I had a really fun trip to the Grand Canyon. Thought I’d send a little snapshot of me since I couldn’t be there with you guys.  Was thinking of you!

(I’m getting too old to carry a 40lb pack around anymore.  Next time I’ll be there!)


BTW – the “Harry, Scott, Gary, Lou photo also has a pic of Billy U.  (He’s the one sitting).  Didn’t he go to the Vineyard with Marlene?  (you call her “Marla” in the reunion shots).

Please ask around.  Does anyone know where Jeff Bow is?   I’ve got something from AI  that belongs to him.

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