Cross Connections

Hey Peggy,

This is very cool.   I remember we used to think that Stoney Batter was called that because it was a gravel road.  Susan LaPenta and I raced our Mavericks down there once. What is really funny is all of the cross connections.  The Sin City Party in 1976 was my 20th Birthday; I got off of work at the Farmer in the Dell on Kirkwood Highway, changed in the bathroom and went there with my boyfriend at the time, Bob Perry, who just passed away this year. John Headley had told him about the party earlier that day.  I still see Scott and the guys in the band periodically (they played for my husband’s surprise 40th and 50th birthdays and for my 40th as well!). Scott’s new wife Lisa was an old friend of mine from college and has always reminded me of Leslie Noyes’ big sister Avaril who still holds the record for butterfly at Westminster Swim Club.  Kevin McBride used to give me a ride to school every day I didn’t ride my ten-speed.  Zack Greer, who lives in Canada now, is the big brother of my friend, Nita (bridesmaid in my first wedding with you) and she and I worked together at Klondike Kate’s when it opened.  I just saw Zack last month when he was East and came to our house for dinner with his sister.  Nita’s first husband Phil’s good friend Jimmy Hoffman ended up living at the house on the turn on Stoney Batter.  Phil dated Avaril in high school. Billy Coon’s daughters and ours went to Upland together, and we became and remain great friends (went to his surprise 30th birthday party!) and he worked for years with Bill Speakman who was one of my husband’s best friends.  Richard Sterling and Steve Mendala ended up being Sailors of the Shallow Seas with my brother, Rick and Scott Milar so, when Rick died suddenly last year, I was greatly comforted by them and all of the really kind words they shared with me about him. Life goes on, we make new friends but few things are as comforting as those friends who knew us “when”.    

I missed a lot of the wild and crazy activity shared by many of the players back then because I had those strict parents (God love ’em – – – – wasn’t it poor Jon Mason being greeted at the door with my dad in boxers holding a shotgun?), but I remember hearing all the stories!  I never would have been allowed to do half the things everyone did, but somehow managed to squeeze in a few good times nonetheless!  And, I’m always touched by the stories people (like Maryann) tell me about how my mom helped them out during the rough patches.  She was tough on you and me, but she seemed to have a haven for anyone who’d lost their way.  Mark Marine lost his way every night just before dinner time . . . .

Loved seeing you the other night,


Cathie (and for Lou’s benefit, maiden name was Davis)

Catherine Davis Ledyard

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