50 Year Reunion

Tex again Uniacke is our very first Mermaid to leave a comment* on our revised, updated and modernized “Men of Mermaid” website. Many thanks to Tex for the fabulous suggestion that we arrange a 50 year reunion. I will assume that organizational task with great enthusiasm, and begin to reach out to all known Mermaids, friends and significant others :-).

Attendance to our (Reunion) celebration and festival of life is of course subject to the availability and mobility of all the Mermaids who may be in their 60’s/70’s/80’s. I will be in touch shortly, that’s the news as of Wednesday, April 26, 2023.

* Just a thought – Is it time to begin consideration of a 50 year reunion in the next year or two? I live out in Borough of Railroad, York County, PA (Still just North of the Mason-Dixon line!) and would be there in a┬áheart Beat!

2 thoughts on “50 Year Reunion”

  1. Jeez Lou, it is now just 50 years since you’all sprang into action renovating the place in the spring of ’73. I have been struggling to accept the reality of my age already, (60 +-) and when you state it as “50+” years I feel ancient. giggle


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